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Autonomous optimized energy management and advanced control for hybrid electric propulsion air vehicles.



Project Number: 282004

"An efficient hybrid propulsion system for light aviation use with a well suited over all control application does not exist commercially in the world. The main reasons being weight, safety and complexity issues".


With the support from the best research communities in Norway and with the wide experience already accumulated by the SME's, we are confident we will be able to create commercially viable future solutions that are less complex, safer and more reliable than the current state-of-the-art systems.

In 2018 Equator along with heavy industrial research partners, was awarded a research grant through the BIA program overseen by the Norwegian Research Counsil.


The underlying idea of the FlightSmart BIA project is to realize an energy efficient control and flight

management system for light aircraft employing hybrid electric propulsion.


The FlightSmart project is proposed by the two pioneering Norwegian SMEs Maritime Robotics AS and Equator Aircraft SA.


Both companies develop air vehicles, and we see

the need for new improved hybrid propulsion systems with supporting flight management and control systems.


This research project aims to solve key parametres and issues caused by the use of hybrid / electric propulsion in air vehicles, where the results are aimed at creating commersially available systems within 3 years.





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