Join our campaign to invest, and own a part of our Aircraft Company

Equator Aircraft has partnered with Seedrs ltd. to run an

Equity Crowdfunding Campaign


We have to the very best of our ability calculated what it will take to bring the innovative aircraft P2 Xcursion to production. And now we need your help to do so. Substantial investment is needed to create the tooling and molds required to produce the aircraft and we're divesting 20% of our company to new owners.


We have teamed up with equity crowdfunding / microfinancing specialists at seedrs to allow anyone and everyone to take part in owning a piece of our company to move us to the next level. Learn more about Equity Crowdfunding here.


Join now by registering in our campaign. The shares start at 1£ and anyone can participate and own a piece of ou company.

If you have more questions about what we offer contact us at


To receive documents, such as business plans, budgets and production estimates. Please e-mail us, and we'll be happy to send you more informetaion about our plans.


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