We are working to bring Green Aerial Mobility to the Masses,

by making Highly Efficient Electric Seaplanes

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We Design, Build and Test Experimental Aircraft Solutions and are specialized in electric propulsion integration and carbon composite construction prototyping techniques. We have devoted substantial ressources to construct and build the worlds first electric seaplane. The technology demonstrator is currently in a test and verification stage to assess the viability of the concepts that will lead the way to a mass produced highly attractive aircraft and propulsion system

Key Areas of Research

Aerodynamic & Hydrodynamic Efficiency

State-of-the Art Aero- and Hydrodynamics 

High Level of Safety

Aircraft and Propulsion Systems built at the highest standards

Material Technology

Corrosion and Maintenance Free Super Light and Strong Construction

Automated Cockpit

The Optimal User Interfaces to learn how to fly in weeks, not months

Electric Power

Innovative electric propulsion systems that allow longer endurance on pure electric power

Utility and Functions

A flexible and optimized interior never before seen in aviation




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