The Equator team consists of a large network of professionals who have participated to develop the proof of concept prototype. The list below names the main characters in our story, and the individuals who work on the project regularly.

Tomas Brødreskift

CEO / Designer / Founder

+47 970 39 469



Tomas is an Industrial design engineer, specializing in 3D modelling and composite construction. He started Equator Aircraft Norway SA in 2010. Tomas has a broad background of knowledge in the fields of product development, with emphasis on professional equipment, medical products and high end sports equipment. Throughout his career aircraft have always been at the center core of his interest and passion. As a private pilot, he saw the many areas where improvements could be made and Equator is a result of trying to solve the issues identified. Tomas has worked for clients including Airbus, HardRocx Bikes, SINTEF and design agency GW Design AS, and now focuses all energy on building Equator to become an established player in the aerospace industry.

Kristian Kierulf

Industrial Designer


Kristian is a talented industrial designer with a keen eye for the details. He grew up building model aircraft, and has always been an avgeek at heart. Kristian came on board as a student at Equator almost 3 years ago and now is a full time employee. Educated in London, and Oslo he worked at design agencies before he worked as a designer at Pipistrel in 2018.


Knut Brødreskift

Lead Engineer


Knut is an extremely capable engineer with 35 years of experience within mechanical and electro-mechanical design and product development. Clients range from Kvaerner and Hamworthy KSE to Wärtsilä. Along with his professional career Knut was an experimental aircraft builder, building his first fully composite Long-EZ in 1980 and rebuilding it in the 90's, Since then he has logged over 1000 flight hours and has been constructing the P2 prototype since 2010.


Lars Øyno

Administrator Applications



Lars is an Entrepreneur with a long Engineering background in various sciences with 35 years experience in the fields of industrial research and company development. Lars has been the president of EAA573 for 2 decades and is an experimental aircraft builder and pilot and glider instructor. Lars has been responsible for all government grant applications and administration, and is a vital member of the board of directors.


Torkell Sætervadet

Legal Director / Certification Expert



Torkell started his career as an expert within the fields of audio and visual exposure, but later found his true calling when he became a PPL pilot and aircraft owner, and started working as an editor for the Norwegian flying magazine Flynytt in 2010. Throughout his time as an editor he learned all that is to know about the light aircraft scene, regulations and market and specifically is an electric flight evangelist. He has been a key member of the board, and has taken the role of certification expert based on his wide range of knowledge within the regulatory systems of EASA.


Jon Roger Fossen

Lead Technician



Jon Roger is one of the most experienced aircraft kit builders and pilots in Norway with over 4 kit constructions under his belt and over 1000 flight hours in his builds. He is a very experienced technician who works well with all materials, and has been an invaluable part of the construction team since the very first day of our project.


Eskil Amdal

Lead Test Pilot


Eskil is the most experienced experimental test pilot in Norway with tens of thousands of hours on many types of aircraft. With a background from US test pilot school and long career and normal day job test flying F-35's in the RoNoAF. Eskil flies everything from WW2 fighters to Fighter jets and light aircraft, and his input in test flights is how we improve our product and make it safe for future users.

Erlend Gausen

Electrical Engineering Expert


Erlend is an active commercial pilot, flight instructor and a very talented electrical engineer. Erlend is responsible for the full low voltage system in the aircraft, and develops electro mechanical solutions together with the design team. He is also a programmer, and develops softwares for control and surveillance systems.

Raimondas Miscevicius

Electric Propulsion Specialist


Raimondas is an educated physicist and later became an electric propulsion specialist with broad experience from the electric car industry. Raimondas is responsible for high voltage systems in the aircraft, and builds both hardware and software within the whole drive train lay out, from battery management, to controllers and electric motors.

Elise Medhus

Aerospace Engineering Intern

Elise is an Aerospace Engineering Student at Florida Institute of Technology (FIT), and has a keen intereset in aviation and space related topics. She will be active at Equator offices working on development of the P2, from May to August 2019.

Sathvik S Rao

Aerospace Engineering Intern

Sathvik is a super passionate recent Master's degree Graduate in Aeronautical Engineering with academic and basic industrial experience in Aircraft design, CFD and FEA. Sathvik will join our endevours for 3 months as an intern. His expertise will help us design the next generation aircraft models with more focus on high end CFD modelling.


David Kelmanson

Senior Financial Adviser



David is CEO of Larus Aviation Limited, an independent financial consultancy practice based in the UK. He has enjoyed a 40 year career in international finance, initially as a senior lending banker specialising in export, corporate and aircraft finance. Since 2002 David has developed an expertise in financial consultancy, with particular focus on the aviation industry. During his long and distinguished career he has successfully raised finance for, and acted as financial adviser on, several hundred financing campaigns with an aggregate value in excess of $16 billion. He is a UK Associate of the Chartered Institute of Bankers, a member of the Aviation Club of Great Britain and former pro bono Chairman and Lecturer at the Euromoney Aircraft Finance School. As Senior Financial Adviser to Equator his initial assignment will be to assist us in the successful execution of our Seedrs crowdfunding campaign, with further roles to be identified in the future as the business develops.


To be continued... Stay tuned as we add more great people from our network to the team!


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