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Aerospace R&D Projects

Exploration and learning is at the core of our values, Equator Aircraft looks to stay at the forefront of the electric aviation revolution, by investing in continuous research within aircraft design and propulsion development. We have partnered with the top research partners in Norway and Europe to deliver top products and services in the next aviation paradigm.

01 The X4 Project

The 4 seat production version of our prototype aircraft is under development. We'll keep this baby secret for now, but stay tuned for updates as we close in on the launch!

02 The X8 Project

We are working on a much larger, real electric gamechanger that seats up to 8 people. It is all confidential, but we will be publishing details by mid 2020

03 Aerodynamics & Hydrodynamics (vs.)

Flying electric means more focus must be given to the efficiency of the aircraft. The efficiency is determined by the aerodynamic properties combined with overall weight. Adding the hydrodynamic properties to the airframe and wings usually gives a huge penalty on performance. This is where we try to do better, by blending these two opposites to garner a better compromize. Equator utilizes 3D and CFD tools to assess aerodynamics at an early stage, where key properties based on safety, comfort and speed are assessed.

04 Composite Materials & Cost Effective Construction

Equator has specialized in rapid and cost efficient prototyping of light weight composite structures. This experience has given us a unique insight into the material, and is enabeling us to make very light and strong structures. The methods we use can provide rapid aircraft development to get the answers needed fast. We typically vary between moldless, hand-layup techniques to CNC machined molds and vacuum / infusion molded parts, dependant on what is required at any given time.

05 Smart Cockpit & UX

Key to any modern aircraft system is the introduction of new and improved interfaces. Equator focuses on creating better UX systems for the next generation of pilots. Focus is on creating clearer views, less clutter and automate what can be automated. We are currently researching how to unify the whole information experience into one very smooth and minimized system, that will provide a completely new cockpit environment.

06 Flight & Sea Testing

The only way to achieve confidence in new aircraft systems is to ad valuable flight hours and time on the water with our prototype airframe and systems, we gain valuable data that is used to improve the concept enroute to a certified production ready electric aircraft. Our team strive to make the tests at the highest level of safety in close collaboration with the Norwegian CAA. Equator is currently working on setting up a test-base to be able to increase the size of the team and continue with further development

07 FlightSmart Project

Equator Aircraft are very proud to be managing a BIA project on Research into Electric Drive Train development and control systems in cooperation with an excellent partner-consortium consisting of SME; Maritime Robotics, SINTEF and NTNU. With the project title "FlightSmart" the aim is to aim research efforts into; autonomous optimized energy management and advanced control for hybrid electric propulsion air vehicles.

Project Number: 282004

The Minister of Research Iselin Nybø and Senior Management in The Norwegian Research Counsil Anne Kjersti Fahlvik getting informed about the Flightsmart Project at Eggemoen Airport in February 2019

"An efficient hybrid propulsion system for light aviation / UAV-UAS use with a well suited overall control application does not exist commercially in the world. The main reasons being weight, safety and complexity issues".


With the support from the best research communities in Norway and with the wide experience already accumulated by the SME's, we are confident we will be able to create commercially viable future solutions that are less complex, safer and more reliable than the current state-of-the-art systems.

In 2018 Equator along with heavy industrial research partners, were awarded a research grant through the BIA program overseen by the Norwegian Research Council.


The underlying idea of the FlightSmart BIA project is to realize an energy efficient control and flight management system for light aircraft employing hybrid electric propulsion.


The FlightSmart project is proposed by the two pioneering Norwegian SMEs Maritime Robotics AS and Equator Aircraft.


Both companies develop air vehicles, and we see

the need for new improved hybrid propulsion systems with supporting flight management and control systems.


This research project aims to solve key parameters and issues caused by the use of hybrid / electric propulsion in air vehicles, where the results are aimed at creating commercially available systems within 3 years.

08 (ESP) Long Range Electric Sea Plane

Together with Nordic Seaplanes in Copenhagen, Equator is managing an Eureka / Eurostars project to develop a scalable concept for passenger and cargo transport with a 300+ Range on pure electric propulsion. This project is being defined Q1 2020.

09 Urban Mobility

Equator is involved in several urban mobility efforts, where our competancies in light weight construction is being used on ground vehicles. We can not yet disclose the nature of these projects.


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